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10 Tips for Low Light shooting with the Lx-2 [Jan. 7th, 2008|12:32 pm]
Panasonic LX-2 User Community
Here are some tips for low light situations:

1) You can go as far as 400 ASA without the grain becoming impossible.

2) Do you really need a 10 megapixel image? If you are printing it in a box in a box or magazine that is just 1200 pixels across at the print resolution then the grain you see at 4224 pixels (horizontal) will have vanished at 1200 pixels.

3) Use the OIS modes to steady your hand.

4) Rest the camera on something to steady it.

5) Increase the contrast and the noise in the midtones will disappear as they block up to black. In this image the black area on the left of the picture was grey and full of noise/grain. It was shot at ISO 400 by the way and this is a 100% crop.


6) Use black and white - noise looks a bit more natural.

7) Use flash. Noise is worse in low quality light.

8) Accept that sometimes you can say more with a blurred picture than a sharp one. This is feeding time in a huge fishtank. A sharp, motionless shot would have actually been worse at showing what it was like:

Feeding Time

9) Set the camera to underexpose by 2 stops when shooting RAW then correct it in post-processing.

10) If the subject is moving, move your hand with it. The subject will be much sharper and will stand out better from the background.