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Thanks [Jan. 7th, 2008|10:00 am]
Panasonic LX-2 User Community
Good tips. Great pic. The LX2 surely does macro. Okay, will try those ideas, particularly moving with the image. 

Am wondering where our forum members reside? I am in NYC


From: lx2
2008-01-07 08:44 pm (UTC)

I am in England.

I removed your "16:9 is cool" post because it said nothing else.

This LJ site is for tips and experiences using the Lx-2 (or D-Lux 3).

By all means post a shot you really like and tell us how you took it (particularly if it is unusual) and why you took it and why you like it.

However "because it's 16:9" probably isn't enough.

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[User Picture]From: robslug
2008-01-10 04:03 pm (UTC)

In NYC as well.

Glad to see this community... i decided that i wasn't lugging my dslr enough so I finally got this camera. have been quite pleased with it....

Do we have a forum for questions? Because I was wondering where people go to get their panoramic aspect ratio photos printed out?
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From: lx2
2008-01-10 08:35 pm (UTC)


Hi Rob and Welcome,

Personally I either print mine at home on an A4 Epson R800 printer or more commonly use a blurb.com book. They are cheaper than printing them out and sticking them in a photo album and look way better.

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